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  1. jindrich.vitu

    … we look forward to your comments, Jindřich Vítů

  2. Nice to see this innovation based on aircraft and bike technology. Hey, what combination was made by the Wright brothers? Nothing has changed really 🙂

    And yet, I like every initiative regarding helicopter technology based machines. Keep the good work going.

  3. Sikorski

    how can it be possible ?

    it seems that the front and rear rotors are about 1.5m diameter, and the laterals rotors ares about 1m dia.
    It gives a total surface of about 5.10 m².
    if we consider that the volumic mass of the air is about 1.2 kg/m^3 it means that the necessary power to lift a mass of 150 kg (1500 N) is about 16597 W
    Yes 16 kW !
    Does the cyclist have very very big legs ?

    Some scientific explanations of the feasibility seems to be necessary.

  4. Arrno

    Sikorski : please read a bit before posting ..
    of course it’s not human-powered
    “drive: 4× main motor 10 kW, placed in opposed pairs at the front and at the back in a longitudinal axis; 2× stabilisation motor 3,5 kW, placed on revolving consoles at the sides of the bike”

  5. YASIR

    uff tremendous n extraordinary job let be so n come forward soon

  6. augusto dargence

    I congratulate them on this project

    I want to know if it is proven physically? there will be a real video?

    I know the Mexican market I’d be perfectly its distributor in all of Mexico

    That price? and that would give me as dealer price so I can resell

    I have over 35 years selling in the Mexican Republic

    I await your kind response

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