The Flying Bike in the Czech TV

In the series for children and the morning show Good morning.

If you have not seen , you can view archived Czech television or video – examples below:

One may be famous: Flying Bike

I’ll Einstein!: Levitation


The Flying Bike on the cloud 3DEXPERIENCE platform

The Flying Bike project has been successfully transferred within 3DEXPERIENCE platform for cloud.

The Lighthouse program is V6 solutions for the cloud , which enables teamwork in four locations in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to Cloud architecture was all part of the application server already installed and set up in advance. That greatly accelerated the onset of effective use of the Flying Bike project. Responses were relatively quick and the server part was very stable.


Jan Tleskač´s Dream Fulfilled: the Bike Officially Took Off on 12th June, 2013

Létající kolo oficiálně vzlétlo 12. června 2013

The first public and successful takeoff of the Flying Bike was made on Wednesday 12th June in the Letňany Exhibition Hall PVA, witnessed by a large number of journalists.

The „Flying Bike” took off, for the first time in public, in Prague at Letňany exhibition grounds. The author of the Bike is the Technodat Company, together with its partners Evektor and  Duratec which originally only designed the virtual prototype, exclusively with the assistance of the 3D software solution by  Dassault Systèmes.

“When working on the project, our main driving force was not profit or commercial interest, but the desire to fulfil our childhood dreams,” said Aleš Kobylík, a member of the managing board of the project and the director of the Technodat Company. “By means of a unique machine, our objective was to demonstrate the potential of Czech companies and modern industrial software, i.e. the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform by Dassault Systèmes.”

Dassault Systèmes technology allowed to design the virtual Flying Bike, to manufacture it, test it and to simulate the properties virtually before the physical prototype itself existed. Regardless of their location and even though they were several hundreds of kilometres from one other, all the creators of the “bicycle hovercraft” kept working with an identical set of data all the time. After considering different variants, the solvers of the project finally decided for the principle of a multicopter. The main force necessary for the Bike to take off does not come from the upward lift on the wings as is the case with a traditional aeroplane. The Flying Bike instead becomes airborne thanks to the static thrust of six horizontal propellers.

While the software tools were provided by the Dassault Systèmes Company, the Flying Bike project was realized by three innovative, purely Czech companies. Technodat, the provider of the 3DEXPERIENCE solution, was responsible mainly for management and coordination of the project, as well as its schedule and the budget. Duratec, a producer of bicycles, guaranteed the frame, security covers of the blades and also provided standard sourced components of the bicycle. Evektor, an engineering company, partnered on the design of concepts, the construction solution of some functional groups and selected suitable driving units, batteries and blades.

The Flying Bike took off thanks to kind support of the joint-stock company ABF which provided the premises at the PVA EXPO PRAHA exhibition grounds for testing the Flying Bike and for a press conference.

Flying Bike

Flying bikes aren’t just for E.T. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying bike? CNN’s Jeanne Moos says hold onto your handlebars.

Finally, a Flying Bike (in Case You Need to Smuggle an Alien)

Zlaté české ručičky: Létající kolo spatřilo světlo světa

České létající kolo je těžkopádné, ale do vzduchu se dostalo

Létající kolo vzlétlo v Letňanech. Sen Jana Tleskače se stal skutečností

Létající kolo vzlétlo zatím bez člověka

Video: V Praze se vzneslo do vzduchu létající kolo, zatím jen s figurínou

V pražských Letňanech se dnes konala nevídaná událost. Konstruktéři létajícího kola svůj výstroj poprvé předvedli veřejnosti. Úspěšně.

V Praze se vzneslo do vzduchu létající kolo.

Technodat představuje unikátní projekt létajícího kola F-Bike (video na YouTube)

Bike makes riders high-flyers, if only for five minutes


We were shooting a video story of Flying Bike’s take-off  (on 29th May, 2013, Prague)

F-Bike makes us happy. Experienced pilot Jan Špatný showing us  its flight performance and characteristics all day and almost all night in  PVA EXPO PRAHA.

And experienced filmmaker Mr. Milan Javora with a film crew TRINITAS all day and all night carefully recorded.

Test F-Bike PVA Letňany 2012


Flying bike at the International Engineering Fair MSV 2012 (September 2012, Brno)

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Assembly of  the Flying bike before International Engineering Fair MSV 2012 (5th September 2012, Duratec)

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Assembly of  the Flying bike before International Engineering Fair MSV 2012 (4th September 2012, Duratec)

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Technodat held PLM Forum 2012

Record attendance, a busy schedule, beautiful weather, friendly, warm atmosphere, great wine and delicious food, this was a “PLM Forum 2012”.

Traditional professional seminar and at the same time meeting customers of Technodat and users of DS products “PLM Forum 2012” held on 30 and 31 May in the „Vinařství U Kapličky”.

Highlight of the program was the presentation of the “Flying bike”  (in a virtual prototype), which originated and developed on the platform 3D/PLM Dassault Systèmes V6 and collaboration between Technodat, Evektor a Duratec.

PLM Forum 2012


Press conference and presentation of a virtual mock-up of a Flying bike

Companies Grayling Czech Republic and Dassault Systèmes held on Thursday 24th May in Hotel Fusion (Prague) a press conference at which representatives of Duratec, and Evektor Technodat presented a joint project of Flying bike.