There are only few people who haven`t read Jules Verne`s novels. Unlike many other books we had to read within our school duties, books by Verne were very popular – a kind of adventure “fantasy” genre, as we say today. Czech people who have not read books by Jules Verne might probably have seen films by Czech director Karel Zeman, e.g. „The Stolen Airship“.

In the above mentioned film we could see a whole range of flying machines people have not managed to make until now and have only dreamt about. Films by Karel Zeman were developed in the film studios in Zlin, the home town of one of the partners of the project.

The name of the French writer Jules Verne is a global phenomenon. In comparison, the books by Czech author Jaroslav Foglar are strictly Czech matter. Almost every Czech kid has gone through times of reading “Foglars” – adventurous books meant primarily for boys. We can`t ignore the ethical and educational aspects of scouting embodied in the group of the boys called “Fast Arrows“. However the most interesting factor in Foglar`s books was the fanciful environment connected with the mysterious district Stinadla, with the person of Jan Tleskac, his flying bicycle and the legendary puzzle “Hedgehog in the Cage” in which a draft of the flying bicycle was hidden.

“Design your dreams” – our Flying Bike Project created by the technologies of the 21st century is a response to such kind of dreams.